Bears Fans Won’t Want To Hear This, But Matt Eberflus Has Won Me Over

Look, say what you will about his record and/or ability to keep position coaches from conducting fireable inappropriate behavior, but Matt Eberflus has won me over. Look, the Bears may not be my favorite NFL team, but they’re definitely my second favorite. I live and work in Chicago. Growing up, Walter Payton was my childhood hero. He’s the reason I wore #34. Not that you need to know or care about my Chicago Bear bona fides. My Chicago Bearna fides. But I figured I’d give you some background behind my reasoning. Matt Eberflus is the man, solely for his awkward pressers and incredible one-liners. And with his latest, I feel like he needs at least one more year. If for nothing more, the content we could get. WHAT’S UP YOURS?!

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