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After honoring lucha libre in 2021-22 and traditional Mexican art in 2022-23, sportswear company Charly is going with a decidedly modern inspiration for third kits for the six teams it outfits in Liga MX in 2023-24.

The third kits were launched earlier this week and will be used in the clausura, or second half, of the Liga MX season when it kicks off in January 2024. The kits are based off the video game franchise Call of Duty, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.

In honor of the 20th Anniversary of @CallofDuty we present you an epic collection that combines two passions: football and the world of gaming. Discover the CL24 alternate jerseys, clothing and footwear. The perfect fusion between style and functionality will make you stand out on any terrain, showing your support for your favorite team.

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All six jerseys have a Call of Duty wordmark on the back collar and a 20th anniversary graphic printed inside the collar.

Courtesy @CharlyMxOfi / Twitter

Charly’s Call of Duty collection also includes footwear — both soccer cleats and sneakers — and fanwear including T-shirts, jackets and caps.

Here’s a closer look at each of the third kits, along with part of the description on Charly’s website:


Courtesy Charly

A jersey completely inspired by the legendary character GHOST, who has left his mark on multiple sagas of the game. As for its main colors, they honor the distinctive clothing of this imposing character, making this shirt a testament to the union between the virtual world and the real football field. Details are key to this exceptional design, along its sides you’ll find the legend with the game’s initials, while on the chest, the official shield of the Rojinegros joins the phrase “Call of Duty”. Two exciting symbols that represent the fusion of two worlds that share the same intensity and emotion.


Courtesy Charly

Its design combines camouflage with the iconic pixelated pattern of War Far II in grayscale, inspired by the iconic costumes of its characters, in addition to its target sights and radars that seek to detect any danger; Rendered in a vibrant neon yellow hue, these details not only add excitement and modernity, but also make you feel always ready for a new mission. And of course, the trusty Gallos Blancos shield detected by a target sight on the chest highlighting your loyalty to the Club in a unique way.


Courtesy Charly

We started this mission by merging the spirit of Mictlán and the different game modes of this franchise. The result, a jersey that embodies bravery and resilience, combining the excitement of Call of Duty with the unbreakable passion for the Tijuana Xolos. The imposing design of this shirt features its distinctive “X” in the foreground, an emblem rooted in the essence of the club accompanied by a symbol that connects perfectly with its roots. A shield on your chest that is a constant reminder of the devotion and fidelity that will make you live the spirit of these two worlds.


Courtesy Charly

This incredible jersey fuses the passion for football with the adrenaline rush of Modern Warfare II; An entry into the world of courage and determination. Its camouflage design takes you straight to a new mission. The back of this t-shirt features one of Modern Warfare II’s most iconic insignias, symbolizing intensity and winning spirit. On the front, La Fiera shield stands out proudly, an emblem of your passion for the team, so every time you wear this jersey, you not only carry the essence of a true fan, but also mark your commitment and passion to your team.


Courtesy Charly

This exceptional jersey honors the iconic cover art of Modern Warfare II, a tribute to what many consider to be the best video game in the franchise. Porting it is like carrying a piece of its history with you, a bold affirmation of your passion for Call of Duty and your team. It features a sand-toned design that is inspired by the main cover art of the video game; with desert details that connect with the coordinates of Los Guerreros. These details extend to the sleeves and back, creating a visual and emotional connection to the region and the Club. The shield of Los Guerreros, a symbol of pride and loyalty, completes this exciting design, making sure that every time you wear it, you carry with you part of its tenacious and brave spirit, merging the intensity of both worlds.


Courtesy Charly

This exciting design is inspired by the next adventure in the iconic franchise. It features an exclusive graphic that celebrates 20 years of Call of Duty. Its blue tones and topographical plot will transport you directly to the game’s exciting new map, bringing strategy to every match. Not only does this exclusive camouflage honor the legend of Call of Duty, but it also reflects your unbreakable passion for Los Tuzos. The team’s iconic shield on the chest connects you to your love for them, as you immerse yourself in the thrilling experience of the new Call of Duty video game.

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