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He Played Me: 7 Definite Signs He’s Playing You And How To Respond

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You thought you’d found the perfect guy but now you’re thinking “he played me”. He was charming, handsome, and sweet. But now you’re not so sure. There are some warning signs that he’s playing you. He’s always trying to impress you. He brags about his accomplishments and how much money he makes. He wants you to think he’s perfect. But perfect guys don’t have to try so hard.

He says all the right things. He tells you that you’re beautiful, smart, and funny. He says he’s never met anyone like you. But his words feel empty and insincere. He’s too possessive. He doesn’t want you to talk to other guys or even have any guy friends. He gets jealous when you talk to anyone else. He wants you all to himself. He’s always trying to control you.


He tells you what to wear, where to go, and who to hang out with. He doesn’t want you to do anything without him. He’s always ready to take advantage of you. He always wants to come over to your place, but he never wants you to go to his. He always wants to stay the night, but he never wants you to stay at his place. These are just some of the warning signs that he’s playing you. If you’re seeing these signs, it’s time to move on. Find someone who will treat you the way you deserve to be treated.

Here are some signs that he’s playing you. If unsure, read on to find out what to look for. Whether he’s coming on too strong, saying the wrong things, or being too possessive, there are some warning signs that he’s trying to fool you.

Signs he’s playing you.

One of the easiest ways to figure out if he’s playing you is by noticing the signs. For example, if he’s spending most of his time with someone else and flirtatiously flirting with others, he’s probably playing you. He might also be shying away from public places and lying about things he doesn’t have time for. In any case, these are clear signs he’s playing you.


First, you’ll notice if he constantly texts you. You might notice that he’s not taking your calls or ignoring you. If he spends his time on the phone in another room, he’s likely playing you. Another sure sign that he’s playing you is if he constantly looks at other women or avoids you altogether. This will make you uncomfortable, and it’s time to look for a new guy.

Another sign that he’s playing you is that he’s very secretive. While he may be texting or chatting with other women all the time, you might find he only thinks about you when he’s with someone else. Likewise, he might not be thinking about you when he spends with other women. This means he’s not very interested in you.

Your actions must match his words. A man who is genuinely interested in you won’t dump you or cancel plans without warning. Instead, he should want to spend time with you and take you out. If he’s trying to keep you a secret, he’s playing you! Besides, he shouldn’t feel guilty about it. And finally, if your relationship is going nowhere, it’s probably a sign that your man is playing you.


Lastly, a man playing you won’t introduce you to his friends. Men playing games don’t want to take responsibility for their actions and avoid negative emotions. He might even tell you he likes you but doesn’t want to commit to you. If this is the case, you need to be careful. Even though you might be attracted to a man, you should never fall for someone who doesn’t respect her.

Signs he’s coming on too strong.

There are several signs your guy may be coming on too strong. These include being too forward and flirty or talking about getting serious quickly. In addition, if you feel your guy is becoming more intense when he’s with you, he’s coming on too strong. The following are some of the most common signs your guy is coming on too strong:

– You don’t feel fully seen by him. Coming on too strong can signify jealousy, deception, or control issues. If experiencing these signs, you should consider consulting a mental health professional or trusted friend. If you feel your boyfriend is coming on too strong, it may be a sign that he’s not ready for a serious relationship. If he’s coming on too strong, you may want to end the relationship and seek support and help.


He Played Me? 4 Warning Signs That He’s Not Serious

If you’ve been playing a ‘game’ and he hasn’t taken you out in public or made time to get to know you on a deeper level, he may be a player. Players are deeply wounded individuals who seek out external sources of satisfaction to fill an internal void. Their actions are reflections of their insecurities, fears, and traumas. You should never date a ‘player’ unless he is willing to make time for you.

Signs that a man is playing you

One of the most common signs of a man playing you is begging for attention. This is a common sign for women but is often overlooked. You will constantly be too busy to see him, and he’ll bail on you to spend time with someone else. If you feel like you’re the second choice, he’s probably playing you. If he’s too busy with other women, he’s probably playing you, too.

If your man asks you where you’re going on Saturdays, he’s probably playing you. He may be hiding something, and it’s best to stay away from him. If he’s constantly leaving his phone out or his security code on his car, this may be a sign he’s not the right person for you. These are just a few warning signs that a man is playing you.

  • He’s flirting with other women: If you’ve been seeing a guy for a few weeks, but he doesn’t commit to any relationship, he’s probably playing you. If you’ve been dating him for a while, he might have started introducing you to his friends or parents. If he’s doing this, he’s probably using you for sex.
  • His behavior is inconsistent with your own standards. It’s easy to see if a man isn’t genuine when he compliments you or if he only wants to have sex with you. Typically, men playing you don’t care about commitments and will break them quickly. He’ll also look for love in the wrong places. And he’s always trying to play games.
  • You’ll want to know a man’s past. Find out how long he’s been dating women before. Do you feel attracted to him? What types of girls does he typically date? This information can help you decide if you’re dating the right guy. And if he’s interested in more than just you, he’ll keep dating other women.

Signs that he doesn’t want to take you out in public

This could be a red flag if he keeps your relationship private. This kind of behavior is confusing and can lead to breakups. A guy who keeps his relationship private is playing you. He doesn’t want to disclose it in front of other women. This is a sign that he’s not ready to commit. If he avoids public appearances, you can bet he’ll dump you after some fun.

Signs that he doesn’t want to get to know you on a deeper level

If a man doesn’t want to get to know you deeply, he doesn’t want to commit and build a relationship with you. On the other hand, a man who doesn’t open up to you is probably not a guy who will stick around for the long run. There are several signs to look for. One of them is that he has other romantic interests.

Lack of communication: Lack of communication is a major turnoff in any relationship. If a man doesn’t value communication or a long-term relationship, you should move on to someone else. It’s also a huge red flag when your partner doesn’t make time for you or doesn’t return your texts or calls. These signs can also be warning signs that you’re dating the wrong person.

Inconsistent communication: If you’re constantly checking in on your partner, it could be a sign that he’s not interested in building a relationship. If you’re texting him frequently, he might be more interested in pursuing his interests than yours. You should be clear about your boundaries. You shouldn’t make a commitment to someone without asking him to.


Lack of commitment: If your man doesn’t include you in important decisions and family events, it could be a sign that he doesn’t care about getting to know you on a deeper level. If he has other close relationships, he may be too busy to take the time to get to know you properly. If he has friends who are more interested in you than you, that’s a big red flag.

Late-night hangouts: It’s tempting to jump on these dates, but if you’re looking for a serious relationship, this is not the guy for you. A guy who isn’t interested in hanging out with you at the same time every evening isn’t interested in a deeper relationship. And if he isn’t willing to hang out regularly, you’re probably wasting your time and his time.

Signs that he won’t make time for you

Whether you are dating a man who’s not making time for you or one who’s too busy, there are a few obvious warning signs that he’s not serious. These signs are common and may be confirmed at the beginning of a relationship or a sign that it’s time to move on. If you see one or more of these signs, you should get out of the relationship.


If your boyfriend doesn’t make time for you, it’s time to break up with him. You are not his top priority, and he should realize this. Remember that relationships take time and love and are not meant to be rushed. Your boyfriend should be giving you all his time and attention, not rushing off to do something he doesn’t feel like doing. You deserve to be taken seriously, and you should never settle for a man who doesn’t prioritize you and your needs.

If he’s always putting off plans for a trip with you, he’s not serious about you. He won’t prioritize you over his plans with other women. In other words, he’s more interested in his job or his friends. If he’s only interested in you when you’re working, he won’t make time for you.

If your boyfriend doesn’t make time for you, he’s probably not the guy for you. He’s too busy working or spending time with his buddies. He also may be too busy to be with you. You may even find him avoiding you for days at a time. He also might be too busy with work or travel for personal reasons. As a result, he won’t make time for you when you need him the most.


If a guy won’t make time for you, he’s likely not into you. If he’s not interested in spending time with you, he’ll keep saying “maybe” when you ask him to do something. If he’s serious about you, he will make time for you. If he doesn’t make time for you, he’s not worth your time.


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