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How I Got Love Bombed: 14 Dumb Mistakes I Made

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If you’re asking yourself how I got love bombed, you’ve come to the right place. Narcissistic people use a tactic called gaslighting to make their victims feel guilty and responsible for their bad behavior. Narcissistic people cannot tolerate any uncomfortable feelings, so they turn these feelings into a problem for them to solve. Unfortunately, this is the worst kind of relationship you could be in.

Signs of a love bomber

Love bombers tend to violate boundaries, and they might show up at the bar when you’re out with your friends. You may find that they stay up late after you’ve told them not to. In any case, these people are utterly insincere, and you can tell if your partner is a love bomber by their behavior. They may also show up in a romantic environment when you’re not expecting it, or if they constantly ask you out.


Another sign of a love bomber is the excessive amount of time and money spent on gifts. While romantic partners give gifts and compliments to establish a strong relationship, love bombers use these gestures to manipulate the relationship. The love bomber might give you expensive gifts or arrange surprises, which you don’t expect from a genuine relationship. He may also make promises that he can’t keep, and he might give you gifts to get what he wants.

A love bomber may start out as a sweet, charming person, but later turn out to be a control freak and emotional abuser. They might also begin dropping hints or have a history of emotional abuse. Their friends or family members may also drop warnings that they’re about to love bomb you. The last thing you need is to fall in love with a love bomber. You’re probably wondering how to spot the signs of a love bomber.

Often, abusive relationships begin with an intense courtship, followed by an intense commitment. It may seem like your partner is madly in love a few weeks after meeting them. You might even find it difficult to understand why this person could feel so strongly despite knowing you so little. It’s time to step in and get help before the situation worsens. You’ll never know what the love bomber’s motives are, but you can tell if your partner is a love bomber when they show these signs.


Narcissists are easy to spot. They treat people below them like crap. If your love bomber is rude to waitresses or even waiters, you’ll know it’s not from love. Their behavior is a sign of their toxic personality. It’s also an indication that your relationship is too superficial or narcissistic. A love bomber will show you that he or she doesn’t care about you and instead is all about their own self.

Signs of a narcissistic personality disorder

While it is very difficult to tell if someone is suffering from a narcissistic personality, there are several traits common in those with this condition. Narcissists are often resistant to change, and they blame others for their own problems. Narcissists can also be extremely sensitive, reacting badly to slights and other negative emotions. Hence, they are often resistant to change and avoid any situation in which they might be exposed. However, by understanding how narcissists work and what they do, you can learn to set healthy boundaries with them.

The primary symptom of narcissistic personality disorder is a need for attention. Narcissists are self-indulgent and feel entitled to control their own life. Narcissists also don’t like to take responsibility for the consequences of their actions. They blame others when they do something wrong and are upset because they don’t get what they want. Narcissists also have a hard time empathizing with others.


In addition to displaying these traits, narcissistic personality disorder is often difficult to treat. In severe cases, narcissists are often prescribed antidepressants, mood stabilizers, or antipsychotic drugs. However, psychotherapy is the primary treatment for narcissistic personality disorder. If you think you are interacting with a narcissist, be sure to get the help you need.

The narcissist can be a magnet for others, but may be emotionally cold and even cruel. It is often hard to detect and treat narcissists, but it is not impossible to recognize if you are dealing with a narcissistic personality disorder. Narcissistic personality disorder can begin in childhood or early adulthood. It is a serious disorder, and treatment can be difficult.

A narcissist can be self-confident and arrogant, but most sufferers of NPD have extremely low self-esteem. They constantly seek praise and admiration and often turn to people around them to gain it. Symptoms of this condition often appear in relationships and can make them unsatisfying. You should seek help immediately. The symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder can lead to suicide and other physical problems.


Red flags of being a target of a love bomber

A love bomber’s sob story is one of the most common signs that they are planning to dupe you. While these bombers are often charming, they may be emotionally abusive. These people are quick to strike an emotional chord. They monitor your activities online and flaunt their exploits. If you’re constantly “liking” their photos or posts, you may be the target of a love bomber.

The relationship is still young. Your love interest may have a few months to a year to make a commitment. If the relationship is moving too quickly, the bomber may be trying to pressure you to commit. Relationships move on different timelines and love bombers use pressure to convince their targets that they are already committed. If this is the case, the relationship isn’t legitimate and the love bomber is simply attempting to manipulate you.

Love bombers are extremely manipulative. They want your attention all the time, even when you’re alone. They may ask you to turn on IP tracking software or cell phone location. While these behavior may not seem malicious, it’s often a sign of a love bomber. The love bomber might be a rare gift but it’s a hollow and disingenuous one.


Narcissists will accuse their targets of dishonesty or self-centered behavior. Once the bombing has been completed, the person’s emotional expression will switch from adoration to anger and kindness to scorn. The love bomber’s intentions are ill-intentioned and will not change until the relationship ends. However, it is a warning sign that the relationship is in danger of becoming a victim of a love bomber.

A love bomber may also gaslight. This tactic is psychologically manipulative and essentially a way to undermine your partner’s judgment. This tactic involves deliberately questioning facts and memories and undercutting your partner’s judgment. This makes them doubt their own thoughts and perceptions of reality. These tactics can leave their victims feeling frightened and crazy. When these signs of love bombing show up, respond appropriately.

Symptoms of being a victim of a love bomber

If you suspect that someone you’re dating is a love bomber, you should take heed of the warning signs. Love bombers may introduce you to people they think are important and make a relationship seem serious very quickly. It’s not uncommon for a love bomber to have issues with abandonment in childhood and may have had abusive relationships. When the love bomber hooks you, they may try to maintain the intense emotional connection by morphing themselves into a perfect match.


Narcissistic individuals may engage in love bombing to gain control over their partners. These individuals may demand your undivided attention and isolate you from family and friends. They may even use symbols of love to make it difficult for you to leave them. However, this behavior is not without consequences and can result in serious relationship problems. Here are nine warning signs of love bombing:

Narcissists are known for their behavior. This type of behavior has been popularized by the Unification Church in the United States. Narcissistic leaders like Charles Manson and David Koresh have also used this technique to recruit new recruits. Narcissists who use this tactic often create a false sense of unity in their followers. While these people may not be a threat to you personally, the narcissist may have a history of love bombing other people.

The most obvious sign of a love bomber is their excessive attention. They lavish you with gifts, text messages, and phone calls, all with the intent of triggering an emotional response. Moreover, they often boast about how many friends and followers they have on social media. They may even talk about marriage on the third date. These love bombers do not leave you much time to wonder if something is amiss.


The first step to winning the battle against a love bomber is to understand their nature. It’s important to remember that the love bomber will be controlling and will try to control your life. They will make you feel uncomfortable and they may even physically abuse you. Nevertheless, you should not give up hope and promise to love yourself. If you’ve been a victim of a love bomber, you should not allow him to control your life. You need to take time to get perspective on the situation and get back to loving yourself.

how I got love bombed

If you are in a relationship and your partner suddenly shows more affection for you, it’s possible that you’re being love bombed. Your love bomber may call your parents more often. Your mom might be happy to have a new daughter-in-law. In addition, your love bomber may begin to bond with your family more than your partner. Friends may begin to wonder, “Where did you get such a great guy?”

Disrespect of boundaries

When a person abuses boundaries, the other person is likely to be a narcissist. Love bombing is characterized by exaggerated attention and affection, with the goal of making the target feel obligated or dependent. This behavior is typical of narcissistic relationships. If you are being love bombed by a narcissist, you must be aware of the warning signs of love bombing.


In addition to being uncomfortable and hurtful, being love bombed can leave you feeling very depressed and traumatized. To overcome the symptoms of love bombing, it may be helpful to speak with a professional or a close friend who can help you process your feelings. It might also be helpful to seek professional help, which can help you determine whether or not the relationship is real. You may also wish to consider seeking support outside the relationship.

Whether your partner is ignoring your boundaries or deliberately violating them, learning to respect your boundaries is critical to restoring your self-esteem and confidence. Besides, it will help you avoid the pitfalls of love bombing. A woman who wants to get back with her ex-boyfriend should learn to respect her boundaries. Disrespecting boundaries can lead to a breakup or even a split relationship.

When a partner ignores or disrespects your boundaries, you may end up feeling very lonely and angry. A love bomber may not understand what you’re looking for in a relationship, and may not be aware that their behavior is abusive. A man who has a difficult time with boundaries may end up being abusive or depressed. The best way to deal with this type of relationship is to learn how to handle it and not to fall victim to a toxic relationship.


Lack of respect for boundaries

The reason that you were love bombed may not be as apparent to you as you think. You may be the recipient of a love bomb that you didn’t give yourself. In these cases, it’s important to understand the cause of the attack, whether it was a misunderstanding or deliberate, and what to do in response. Fortunately, setting boundaries in the early stages of a romantic relationship can save your relationship.

If the love bomber doesn’t get full attention when they demand it, they’ll become angry and mopey instead. It’s likely that they will refuse to give you time alone, including when you need it for school or work. Live love bombers usually feel the need to be the center of the world and the center of the universe. If this describes your relationship, you might have been love bombed.

Lack of boundaries can be the cause of a love bomb, according to Dr. Kanan Khatau, a clinical psychologist, hypnotherapist, and emotional safety evangelist. Love bombers are toxic narcissists who use their love to manipulate and control others. The recipient becomes addicted to the love bomber’s style of life and apologises easily, which in turn reduces her self-esteem and leads to the love bomber’s continued abuse of her.


A relationship that begins to feel wonderful is likely to be unhealthy. Love bombers may feel a sense of excitement in the beginning, but as soon as they see the love bomber’s actions as self-centered, they may move closer to a toxic relationship. This type of abuse has no place in a healthy relationship. In fact, it’s a sign of an abusive relationship in the making.

Oftentimes, the person causing a love bomb may not have a healthy relationship with boundaries. Narcissists are aggressive and manipulative. Respectable people respect each other’s needs. But love bombers aren’t respectful of your boundaries and will never be satisfied. They may also turn their backs on trusted family members and friends. When love bombers use the phrase “lack of respect for boundaries” as a reason for being love bombed, this is a red flag.

Lack of physical affection

If you feel your relationship is being attacked, you should learn how to separate yourself from the abuser. In order to separate yourself from the abuser, you should be clear about your boundaries and be sure to express them in a respectful way. You should be able to set boundaries and have time apart from your partner. Unless the abuser is intentionally abusing you, the abuse will continue until you stop caring for each other.


Being love bombed can have several causes. Considering these causes can help you determine the true motives behind the abuser’s behavior. Often, love bombing is the result of a child’s or teenager’s upbringing. If the abuser has grown up in an environment with a culture of expression and affection, they might have been taught that the words they utter can have the same power as physical affection.

In general, a love bomber is not aware that they are abusing the relationship. They may be unable to make a meaningful commitment or feel like it’s not working. The relationship is a stepping stone to a destructive cycle. Love bombing is often an early stage of a narcissistic, manipulative, or ghosting cycle. In some cases, the perpetrator is intentionally trying to manipulate the relationship.

People who love bomb are often vulnerable. Those who have recently been divorced or have low self-esteem are most likely targets. The first study on love bombing found a link between low self-esteem and narcissism. The majority of love bombing occurs during the courtship phase of a relationship and can last for weeks or months. It can be dangerous to stay with a love bomber.


Whether or not you are being love bombed is personal and very personal. Love bombers can be emotional and physical and can even make a person feel unloved. It is essential to understand how love bombers operate before letting the abuser take advantage of your vulnerability. You can prevent the abuser from hurting your relationship by following these tips. The next time you’re in love, make sure your partner is not using love bombing to manipulate you.

Lack of criticism

If you’ve been love bombed, the first thing you probably wondered is why you were targeted in the first place. Love bombers use the words “undying” and “insanity” to control their targets and make them do anything to get their way. Sadly, this type of behavior is very common, particularly among people who have suffered from abusive relationships. While the phrases themselves may not be harmful, they can be a big red flag for a potential love bomber.

Those who love bomb often have no idea that they’re doing it, and in the process, their target feels unworthy of love. But if they are unable to stop the bombing, they often use “lack of criticism” as an excuse. Ultimately, love bombers don’t care about the relationship they’ve ruined. They only care about the negative feelings they cause and do not give any effort to repair the relationship.